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  • Profile picture of Lena Graham Lena Graham said 12 months ago:

    I as the writer at http://essaytyper.pro am not entirely clear on how Balanced Literacy differs from other instrutional approaches; specifically, how it is implemented in the classroom vs other approaches.

    However, I have noticed across the board a large focus on “group work” in schools, which as this teacher has pointed out, has its own issues. The fact is, most children do not intuitively understand HOW to work effectively in a group, particularly in the younger grades, and they end up being put in groups to work without effective guidance (e.g., each individual in the group should have a job; *all* ideas should be considered; comments such as “that’s stupid” aren’t helpful, etc.). The over-focus on collaborative effort is also extremely detrimental to the shyer or introverted students, who may need more time to process information or process information internally rather than blurting out the first thing that comes to mind.

    My daughter, who finished 3rd grade this year, HATES working in groups, which she was forced to do all year. Her main complaint is that the louder and more over-bearing children in the group drowned her out. It seems that teachers themselves often don’t fully understand group dynamics and themselves need further instruction in how to form productive groups out of their students and when and even IF group work is appropriate.