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Teaching Kids (1 post)

Topic tags: school, teaching
  • Profile picture of Callie Lorenzo Callie Lorenzo said 10 months, 1 week ago:

    According to https://writemyessay.pro/ educators and parents might be wise to recognize that giving meaningless awards for literally being present at activities is training children to expect unearned recognition and plaudits for the most minimal contributions. When they’ve actually put some effort into a performance they will come to expect more honors, and regardless of the external rules, will think their personal standards should decide things like placement on an athletic team, or getting a job.

    This isn’t theoretical. I’ve recently read interviews with a college student who failed to place at a high team level in a varsity sport, and despite clear guidelines spelling out qualifications, which he failed to meet, thought his dedication to the sport and good performance–but not the best–entitled him to the top spot. This was an otherwise thoughtful, sensitive person, but he was clearly burdened with the belief that his best must be THE best, and rewarded accordingly, regardless of reality.

    I’m sure the companies manufacturing the swag appreciate this trend, but it’s not contributing to building good character.